How to Play Double Barrel Bonus Video Poker

Double Barrel Bonus is a form of video poker, also known as “Jacks or Better”. Video poker machines are becoming common place in both land based an online casino. Video poker is similar to traditional poker, except the player uses a gaming machine instead of a poker table. The video poker machine acts as the dealer and the player only plays against himself. Double Barrel Bonus Video Poker is a traditional five-card poker card game with a twist. In Double Barrel Bonus, the player is dealt five cards. Those five cards must have a pair of jacks or better for the player to win the hand.

How do I Play Double Barrel Bonus Video Poker?

To start a round of Double Barrel Bonus, the player will place an Ante bet by entering a monetary amount on the betting screen. An Ante bet is required for each round of Double Barrel Bonus, and several casinos place a minimum betting coin-less slot machines limit on the bet. Once the Ante bet has been placed, the player will be dealt five cards by the poker machine. From here the player can decide whether to ride their hand or fold. If he or she folds, they will loose their Ante bet. If the player wants to ride their hand, they must raise their original Ante bet. After raising their Ante bet, the player can discard the playing cards they do not feel are helping their hand. A player can discard up to four cards. The video poker machine will then deal out additional cards to replace the ones discarded by the player. The player will only get one chance to change their hand. After the second round of dealing, the player will enter the final draw against the video poker machine. The player must have at least a pair of jacks to win the hand. Any less and the player will loose their bet. Check online bingo games at

How Does Betting Work in Double Barrel Bonus?

If the player is holding a pair of jacks or better they will be paid out according to the betting too aggressively at poker table structure for the video poker machine. Typically, Double Barrel Bonus pays out on a ratio of 1:1 or 3:1. However, the pay out structure is determined by the casino and may vary. Players can view the pay out structure in the options menu of the video poker machine. It is important to remember that Double Barrel Bonus is an all-or-nothing game of poker. If the player’s hand is equal to or more then a pair of jacks, then the player will be paid. If the hand is any less, the player will loose their bet. For this reason, it is important to play each hand carefully and know when to fold. It is better to fold a poor hand on an Ante bet then to loose both an Ante and a raise. Players can minimize this risk by keeping their bet raises small on the hands they are not certain of and saving the larger raises for guaranteed hands. See article Double Barrel Cards for more.