Choosing a Las Vegas Hotel

Given how popular Las Vegas is as a tourist destination you probably wouldn’t be too surprised that there are a hundreds of hotels in the city. They vary dramatically in both price and quality. The question then becomes how do you decide which hotel is right for you? Choosing a Las Vegas hotel is not all that hard as long as you think about what you are looking for in your trip. The first thing that you are going to have to do in choosing a Las Vegas hotel is decide on what you want to do while you are in Las Vegas. There is a lot more to Vegas than just the strip. Obviously if you are going because you want to spend your time on the strip then it would make sense to book a room that is on the strip. However if you are going because you want to spend your time golfing instead how to play heads it would make sense to look into a hotel that is further out. There are lots of good hotels that are not located on the strip and they are well worth considering if that isn’t how you want to spend your vacation. If you are going to Las Vegas to gamble you might want to put some thought into the casino that is attached to the hotel. The reality is that you are going to do most of your gambling the hotel casino – which is why you should be eligable for special deals. If you are going because you want to play poker for example you will want to make sure that you choose a hotel that has a casino with a busy pot limits in poker room. Obviously this isn’t a critical factor since you can gamble at norgescå in a different casino if you want to but it will be a lot more convenient if you can do your gambling in the casino at the hotel. You are also going to want to think about what kind of crowd the hotel you choose caters to. Most hotels in Las Vegas cater primarily to young adults which is great if that is what you are. However if you are older you may want to find a hotel that is more geared toward people of your age. Of course if you are bringing your kids you will want to find a hotel that is aimed mainly at families. There are hotels in Las Vegas for all price ranges so you are going to have to factor that in as well. It is all well and good to find a hotel that you love but if you can’t afford it you won’t be staying there. There are usually lots of Las Vegas Hotel Deals available on Las Vegas hotels so finding one that suits your budget shouldn’t be a problem. However you might have to make some compromises on the things that you are looking for in hotel.

History of Las Vegas

We all know that Las Vegas is dubbed the City of Sin, but do you really know how Las Vegas started in the first place? Well, in this article we are going to explore some of Las Vegas’s history and figure out exactly where this beautiful city came from and how it got its name. First and foremost, because Las Vegas is deep in the desert, it was actually discovered by accident by a few explorers in 1829. The route to Las Vegas way back then was normally referred to as the ‘journey of death’ as these travelers would run out of water on their way to the site where Las Vegas was built. While the site for Vegas may have been discovered in 1829, it was virtually unknown until about 1844.

Las Vegas Strip Map

John C. Fremont was the person that actually discovered Vegas and he made an entry in his travel log that year stating that he found some springs in the desert which held water and that is where he set up camp. Another ten years went by and Mormon Missionaries from Salt Lake City actually set up camp in Vegas and they built a very small fort to create a mail stop between LA and Salt Lake City. Throughout the years that followed, the fort became abandon and many different people actually took over Las Vegas, however it was just after World War II that Las Vegas began to fully develop into the Sin City that we know. Hotels, entertainment, casinos and tourism all started in the early 1960’s and began what we now know as Las Vegas! See article on How to Choose a Las Vegas Hotel & Casino here.