Are You Betting Too Aggressively at Poker Table?

Ask a professional poker player about their most memorable opponent and then likely tell you a story about a player who was betting widely, raising every hand, never folding, trying to out bet every player at the table. The problem is, these kinds of poker players are not memorable for a good reason. Aggressive betting not only makes you stand out at the poker table as the amateur, it also costs you a lot of money. An overly aggressive bet may give you a big win in a hand, but it never pays out in the long run. Take a look in to your betting style and see if you are betting beware of rogue casinos aggressively.

How to Tell if You Are an Overly Aggressive Poker Better

If you have a bad hand, do you fold it? Aggressive poker players rarely, if ever, fold their hand. There is simply too much possibility in the second draw turning things around that they can risk wasting their ante. However, it is better to fold a hand on the first draw if that hand does not seem promising, then to risk raising an ante bet on a bad hand. If another player raises, is your instinct to raise again? While it is good to be competitive at the poker table, you do not have to out raise every player, especially if you have a less then great hand. If you are not holding a very high hand, call instead of adding to the slot machines. How high is your ante bet? If you have a large bankroll, or hopes of winning big, it can be tempting to place a high ante bet. However, placing such a high bet before you even see your cards can cost you big. It is better to place a smaller ante bet and then raise it once you know the hand you are working with. How quickly do you place your bet? Aggressive players tend to place their bet, or raise their bet, very quickly. The smartest thing you can do at the poker table is to gauge each bet very carefully. Take the time you need to determine the wisest course of action for playing aggressive poker players your hand.


Betting too aggressively never works out in the long run. If you are being too aggressive, take your betting down a notch, you may be surprised at how well you do, even without the big bets.