Choosing a Las Vegas Hotel

Given how popular Las Vegas is as a tourist destination you probably wouldn’t be too surprised that there are a hundreds of hotels in the city. They vary dramatically in both price and quality. The question then becomes how do you decide which hotel is right for you? Choosing a Las Vegas hotel is not all that hard as long as you think about what you are looking for in your trip. The first thing that you are going to have to do in choosing a Las Vegas hotel is decide on what you want to do while you are in Las Vegas. There is a lot more to Vegas than just the strip. Obviously if you are going because you want to spend your time on the strip then it would make sense to book a room that is on the strip. However if you are going because you want to spend your time golfing instead how to play heads it would make sense to look into a hotel that is further out. There are lots of good hotels that are not located on the strip and they are well worth considering if that isn’t how you want to spend your vacation. If you are going to Las Vegas to gamble you might want to put some thought into the casino that is attached to the hotel. The reality is that you are going to do most of your gambling the hotel casino – which is why you should be eligable for special deals. If you are going because you want to play poker for example you will want to make sure that you choose a hotel that has a casino with a busy pot limits in poker room. Obviously this isn’t a critical factor since you can gamble in a different casino if you want to but it will be a lot more convenient if you can do your gambling in the casino at the hotel. You are also going to want to think about what kind of crowd the hotel you choose caters to. Most hotels in Las Vegas cater primarily to young adults which is great if that is what you are. However if you are older you may want to find a hotel that is more geared toward people of your age. Of course if you are bringing your kids you will want to find a hotel that is aimed mainly at families. There are hotels in Las Vegas for all price ranges so you are going to have to factor that in as well. It is all well and good to find a hotel that you love but if you can’t afford it you won’t be staying there. There are usually lots of Las Vegas Hotel Deals available on Las Vegas hotels so finding one that suits your budget shouldn’t be a problem. However you might have to make some compromises on the things that you are looking for in hotel.

History of Las Vegas

We all know that Las Vegas is dubbed the City of Sin, but do you really know how Las Vegas started in the first place? Well, in this article we are going to explore some of Las Vegas’s history and figure out exactly where this beautiful city came from and how it got its name. First and foremost, because Las Vegas is deep in the desert, it was actually discovered by accident by a few explorers in 1829. The route to Las Vegas way back then was normally referred to as the ‘journey of death’ as these travelers would run out of water on their way to the site where Las Vegas was built. While the site for Vegas may have been discovered in 1829, it was virtually unknown until about 1844.

Las Vegas Strip Map

John C. Fremont was the person that actually discovered Vegas and he made an entry in his travel log that year stating that he found some springs in the desert which held water and that is where he set up camp. Another ten years went by and Mormon Missionaries from Salt Lake City actually set up camp in Vegas and they built a very small fort to create a mail stop between LA and Salt Lake City. Throughout the years that followed, the fort became abandon and many different people actually took over Las Vegas, however it was just after World War II that Las Vegas began to fully develop into the Sin City that we know. Hotels, entertainment, casinos and tourism all started in the early 1960’s and began what we now know as Las Vegas! See article on How to Choose a Las Vegas Hotel & Casino here.



Caution in Playing Poker

The world of poker isn’t always cookies and honey as most would have you believe. Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful game full of intrigue, cunning and even love. But sometimes it is harsh, and reading a few articles about the harshness of poker might help you more than reading 100 that only speak of the fortunes of poker. I hear you thinking, he is going to burden us with endless tears but I’m not here to cry, I’m not like that. But I am here to warn you, that although poker life is fantastic, you need to beware of its trappings and dangers, because they could ruin your life in a way you couldn’t have foreseen when you were rolling good and playing well for all those months.

Poker Etiquette Talking

One first form is the simplest, yet the most dangerous of all; the short losing streak. This happens quite a lot when you are sitting at a table and doing fine, not great but fine. You are playing very loose and win quite a few hands, lose some others, the usual poker stuff. You play a little better than your opponents and therefore make money in the long run, basic stuff. But then, seemingly, disaster strikes; you start losing almost all of your hands, be it failed bluffs or bad beats, you lose ‘em. This might go on for a few hands, perhaps 5 or 10 played hands in a row. Now in the poker player’s mind he is losing touch with reality. In these few hands he starts to doubt himself, his style of play and his image on the table. Yes, the poker player starts to steam like Choosing a Las Vegas Hotel. This could seem innocent enough, but rest assured; is it disastrous if you let this slip your attention and go with the emotional flow, even if only for a few hands. Because those hands, after a losing streak, are the ones you are losing your money with. Those hands are the ones that make you a bad player.

Poker Strategy For Beginners

Let’s take a closer look at what is happening here in the long run. As always, good runs are often enough associated with skill, and bad runs are associated with bad play. This is the first big mistake a beginning professional poker player can make. Poker is a game of the long haul; this can’t be stressed enough, and should never be looked upon too closely hand-by-hand. It is a game How to Play Heads that is learned by playing it. If you learn a game by playing it, you need to understand and see your mistakes and learn from them as you go along. The biggest problem is that mistakes are, in the poker players mind, often overlooked, since they are often left unpunished. And on the other hands, good play is often overlooked, because it is often punished. Simply put, you need to be one hell of a logical and non-arrogant person to learn poker properly and feel the real game. This starts with understanding and seeing mistakes that won you a lot of money, and stop repeating them, even if it has been rewarded before, and also recognizing good play if you got punished by it. Check out Poker Strategy Tips for more.



How Coin-Less Slot Machines Work

Not long ago lucky slot machine winners were forced to gather up their spilling coins and carry them to a cashier, quite often leagues from where they were initially playing poker. Today, the majority of casinos have opted for a more convenient, and much safer voucher system. These vouchers eliminate the need to keep track of hundreds of quarters and make it easier on casino employees to deal with the cash flow.

How Does a Coin-Less Slot Machine Work?

A coin-less slot machine uses a paper voucher instead of a coin slot and dispenser system. With a coin-less slot machine a player will sit down and the machine, insert their player’s card and insert cash in to the receptacle. The player can then play at will. When they are ready to leave the player will select the “cash out” button on the controls or on the slot machine itself. The slot beware of rogue casinos will then print out a cash voucher. This voucher can be taken to another machine and played or redeemed for money. Typically, the player must take the voucher to a cashier to collect their winnings, but more casinos are starting to offer ticket-redeeming machines that eliminate the need to stand in line at the cashier booth.

What are the Up-Sides to a Coin-Less Slot Machine?

A coin-less slot machine benefits the casino by cutting down on the amount of human interaction they have to do with the slot machines. Players are visiting the cashier’s desk less often because they do not have to carry around buckets of quarters. The casino also no longer has to keep track of all of these quarters going in and out of the machines, freeing up their time for other tracking activities. Coin-less slot machines like the bonanza slot machine also have benefits for players. Players are better able to enjoy the game when they have less to worry about, such as keeping track of loose quarters. Players also find the ticket system more efficient, as they are able to hop from machine to machine without having to collect, count, or head to the cashier’s desk. Learn more at www bet365 co uk. Coin-less slot machines are the wave of the future, there is no doubt that more, and more casinos will continue to switch to these devices. Coin-fewer slot machines are safer, more efficient, and better for both the players and the casino.



Beware of Rogue Casinos

Blacklisted, or rogue, casinos are all over the internet and it’s important that you learn how best to avoid them before you ever begin gambling online with real money. A rogue is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as a dishonest, knavish person or as something that deviates from the norm. How I usually think of it, in terms of gambling, is by thinking of a rogue espionage agent. A rogue agent is a spy that turns against the person they’re spying for while still pretending to be legit, and who uses their association with their employer to gain certain advantages. In the movies this works out pretty well because often the government the agent is working/spying for turns out to be a corrupt one, and when the agent defects from their assignment they are actually doing something better than what they were doing before. Wiki uses Jason Bourne from the Bourne Identity movies as an example.

Four Crowns Casino Review

However, in gambling what it means is that the online casino is pretending to be legitimate so that you provide both your personal information and money. Should you win, they will refuse to pay you or may refuse to respond to your inquiries. Often they’ll give you some pretense for doing so, and fool you into thinking it was your fault in the first place. This keeps many players from outright distrusting them, even after having their withdrawal denied. Should enough public outcry finally reveal their criminal behavior to others, they’ll simply disappear from the virtual world, and the Las Vegas Hotel operators will likewise. What likely happens is that the rogue operator re-emerges in the guise of yet another new online casino. It’s impossible to know, because so few of the individuals behind these enterprises are ever caught.

Best Online Casino

Always, ALWAYS, check the credentials of the casino site you are thinking of registering with BEFORE you deposit any money. Look to see what other users have said about them- and don’t just trust in the hype. Remember, this casino is run by some person(s) who may only pretend to be offering you fair games. You’re placing a lot of trust in them by providing information that only select other organizations have (your personal information and bank codes). When you give them this information and pay real money to play caution in playing poker with them, you are contractually bound to them. If they turn on you or defect on their agreement, there may be nothing you can do about it after the fact. Have fun, but play safe! Check out Blacklisted Rogue Casinos & Warnings for more info.



Texas Holdem vs Razz Poker

Even if you’ve played poker at home for years, you may have never heard of the game of Texas hold ’em. However, the game is immensely popular; it’s played in tournaments everywhere and it is even featured on television. If you want to play poker today, you need to know the rules and objectives of Texas hold ’em.

Texas Holdem

Texas hold ’em is a community game; a fact that sets it apart from other poker variants such as draw and stud poker. Draw poker is played with five cards, and the player’s hand is hidden from their opponents. Each player has the option to discard the cards they don’t want and to draw new ones in order to better their hand. Stud poker is played with seven cards, and certain cards are shown while others are not. In games like Texas hold ’em, up to five cards are shown to all players, and hole cards are used to comprise the remainder of each player’s hand. With Texas hold ’em, each player receives two hole cards. The flop is turned over in the midst of the table, then there are a turn and a river of one card each. Players aim to make the best hand possible out of the turn and river cards plus the flop cards. Texas hold ’em has a different strategy than other types of poker. In hold ’em games, players get the maximum amount of information. Since the flop cards are shown to the entire table, you already have a pretty good idea of what your opponents’ hands are like. The higher exposure makes for easier decisions than in draw games, or in stud games, where you have to remember which cards were exposed after they have been folded. Texas hold ’em is a popular choice in poker tournaments, especially those we’ve all seen on television. It is a very viewer-friendly game, because those watching the action can quickly and easily see how strong each player’s hand is. While you may never make it to the final table at the WSOP Main Event, you should learn to play Texas hold ’em because it will provide you with the greatest number of options if you ever do decide to engage in tournament play.

Razz Poker

In order to play razz poker and win on a consistent basis, you will need to first learn the basics of the game. Understanding the game of razz poker isn’t hard, but if you’re switching over from seven-card stud or Hi/lo, you may be in for an awkward transition. Razz poker is similar to stud and Hi/lo games, but the requirements to win are very different. Razz is played in the same manner as a stud game, except that you’re aiming to get the worst possible hand instead of the best. Razz is most easily compared to the lower part of seven-card stud hi/lo, since the objective is to get a low hand. However, the hand development rules are more relaxed in razz poker. In seven-card stud hi/lo, you have to have a qualifying hand in order to win (meaning that you must have five cards with nothing higher than an eight). Razz has no such requirement, so any player’s hand can win. Another element of razz poker is that there are no blinds, unlike many other modern poker variants. Instead, razz poker uses bring-ins and forced antes. Antes are smaller, percentage-based bets, but every participant has to place an ante before the hand is dealt. Ante is generally between 10-25% of the stakes, and when they are used, every player has a stake, encouraging more to remain in the game. Bring-ins are comparable to the blind, except that they are placed after the hand is dealt. The player in bring-in position cannot fold once they have their cards; they must place their bet (equal to half the low-end stakes). The bet has to come back around to that player before they have the option to fold. Razz poker is different from other poker styles, and understanding it will go a long way in minimizing your chip loss and increasing your profits.



How to Play Double Barrel Bonus Video Poker

Double Barrel Bonus is a form of video poker, also known as “Jacks or Better”. Video poker machines are becoming common place in both land based an online casino. Video poker is similar to traditional poker, except the player uses a gaming machine instead of a poker table. The video poker machine acts as the dealer and the player only plays against himself. Double Barrel Bonus Video Poker is a traditional five-card poker card game with a twist. In Double Barrel Bonus, the player is dealt five cards. Those five cards must have a pair of jacks or better for the player to win the hand.

How do I Play Double Barrel Bonus Video Poker?

To start a round of Double Barrel Bonus, the player will place an Ante bet by entering a monetary amount on the betting screen. An Ante bet is required for each round of Double Barrel Bonus, and several casinos place a minimum betting coin-less slot machines limit on the bet. Once the Ante bet has been placed, the player will be dealt five cards by the poker machine. From here the player can decide whether to ride their hand or fold. If he or she folds, they will loose their Ante bet. If the player wants to ride their hand, they must raise their original Ante bet. After raising their Ante bet, the player can discard the playing cards they do not feel are helping their hand. A player can discard up to four cards. The video poker machine will then deal out additional cards to replace the ones discarded by the player. The player will only get one chance to change their hand. After the second round of dealing, the player will enter the final draw against the video poker machine. The player must have at least a pair of jacks to win the hand. Any less and the player will loose their bet. Check online bingo games at

How Does Betting Work in Double Barrel Bonus?

If the player is holding a pair of jacks or better they will be paid out according to the betting too aggressively at poker table structure for the video poker machine. Typically, Double Barrel Bonus pays out on a ratio of 1:1 or 3:1. However, the pay out structure is determined by the casino and may vary. Players can view the pay out structure in the options menu of the video poker machine. It is important to remember that Double Barrel Bonus is an all-or-nothing game of poker. If the player’s hand is equal to or more then a pair of jacks, then the player will be paid. If the hand is any less, the player will loose their bet. For this reason, it is important to play each hand carefully and know when to fold. It is better to fold a poor hand on an Ante bet then to loose both an Ante and a raise. Players can minimize this risk by keeping their bet raises small on the hands they are not certain of and saving the larger raises for guaranteed hands. See article Double Barrel Cards for more.



Are You Betting Too Aggressively at Poker Table?

Ask a professional poker player about their most memorable opponent and then likely tell you a story about a player who was betting widely, raising every hand, never folding, trying to out bet every player at the table. The problem is, these kinds of poker players are not memorable for a good reason. Aggressive betting not only makes you stand out at the poker table as the amateur, it also costs you a lot of money. An overly aggressive bet may give you a big win in a hand, but it never pays out in the long run. Take a look in to your betting style and see if you are betting beware of rogue casinos aggressively.

How to Tell if You Are an Overly Aggressive Poker Better

If you have a bad hand, do you fold it? Aggressive poker players rarely, if ever, fold their hand. There is simply too much possibility in the second draw turning things around that they can risk wasting their ante. However, it is better to fold a hand on the first draw if that hand does not seem promising, then to risk raising an ante bet on a bad hand. If another player raises, is your instinct to raise again? While it is good to be competitive at the poker table, you do not have to out raise every player, especially if you have a less then great hand. If you are not holding a very high hand, call instead of adding to the slot machines. How high is your ante bet? If you have a large bankroll, or hopes of winning big, it can be tempting to place a high ante bet. However, placing such a high bet before you even see your cards can cost you big. It is better to place a smaller ante bet and then raise it once you know the hand you are working with. How quickly do you place your bet? Aggressive players tend to place their bet, or raise their bet, very quickly. The smartest thing you can do at the poker table is to gauge each bet very carefully. Take the time you need to determine the wisest course of action for playing aggressive poker players your hand.


Betting too aggressively never works out in the long run. If you are being too aggressive, take your betting down a notch, you may be surprised at how well you do, even without the big bets.



Caribbean Poker Tips

Caribbean Poker is a variation of five card draw poker that is popular at many casinos and weekly home games. Caribbean Poker bends the rules of traditional poker, making it a fun game to play. While Caribbean Poker is more of a fun game then a strategic poker game like Texas Hold ‘Em you can still employ several techniques to help you get the upper hand on your opponents and win more rounds.

Tips for Playing Caribbean Poker

Know Your Hand Limits

In Caribbean Poker, players are only allowed to play one hand per round throughout the game. This can limit your winning options. Develop a strategy that allows you to maximize the potential of the one hand you are given. Also, be sure to play this hand extremely carefully remember your limits.

Play the Progressive Jackpot

Most games of Caribbean Poker come with a progressive jackpot that is run on the side of the actual poker game. With this pot, betting too aggressively add to the pool every time they opt to play double barrel bonus the progressive pot. The pot will increase as the game goes on until one player eventually wins the pot. It is a good idea to buy in to the progressive pot if the pot is already high and you intend to stick with it until the pot is won. If you only bet in to the progressive pot occasionally you are practically wasting that extra bet if you do not win the pot on that hand. Either bet in every time, or do not bet in at all.

Pay Attention to the Dealer’s Showing Card

In Caribbean Poker the dealer is required to leave one of his or her cards face up on the poker table. This card can help you determine what kind of hand your dealer has. Remember that the dealer must be holding a king or an ace in his or her hand to win the game or the round is considered a draw. If you see a king or an ace on the table, you can be certain the round will not go to a draw.

Play Any Hand with a Pair or More

In Caribbean Poker you are only given one set of five cards with no chance for a redraw. This can tempt some players in to folding often, but if you have a high pair or better it may be worth it to stay in the game. Since there is no opportunity to discard, other players hands are just as unlikely to rank very high and you may be able to beat the table with a pair of nines, for example see Caribbean Poker Tips.



Setting Pot Limits in Poker

Since pots form an integral part of poker games, often changing from round to round, there are a number of pot limit rules that allow for the game to move on without any hindrances. In this article we shall discuss some of the established rules for setting pot limits in poker. Since the pot size is decided prior to the beginning of the game, usually in accordance with the particular game in play, the wagers have to be made in accordance with the decreed pot size. The players cannot make wages that are of a greater amount than the size of the pot itself. In the event that a player places a wager that is of a larger amount than the total pot size the game continues to the end of the round with the wager in place. At the soonest possible juncture, for example when the round closes, the excess money is returned to the bettor. The wager size is decreased to fit the permitted limit. If the excess wager is brought to the attention of the involved partied by the players themselves or by the dealer before the hand has been started, it can be corrected to fit the decreed limit. However if any of the players have already acted upon it, the game has to continue until the nearest end-point, be it the end of the round or the folding hand of the entire game, and only then can the correction in the wager be made. In case the excess amount of the wager goes unnoticed a player might make a call on the existing wager under the impression that it is an allowable limit. In this event, if the incorrect size of the wager comes to notice at a later stage, and a player has already begun to move a call on the wager or raise it, then the floor-person reserves judgment on the matter. The floor-person at such a point can choose to allow the wager to stand as valid and allow the game to continue. Such a situation often arises when the person who made the inaccurate and excessively high wager realizes the mistake and tries to call off the play even though another player has started to play on it. Often, during play involving a pot limit, it is said that if the amount in the pot is an odd number, making the play slightly difficult owing to the complicated math involved, it is better to round off the amount of money in the pot by increasing it to the next even number. This helps the flow of the game to ease up and the game to move along at a smoother, faster pace. For example, if the pot limit in the current phase is at $70, it would make more sense to move it up to $100 to allow for more facilitated play. During the play of the game if one of the players submits a bill or a playing chip or counter into the pot that is larger than the size of the current ongoing amount, the contribution can be considered to be a part of the bets of the pot.

Raking in the Chips in Limit Hold’em Poker

In hold’em poker, there are only 3 sure hands prior to the flop: Q-Q, K-K, and A-A. Most of the time, these hands can win without the need for  improvements. The playable hands will need some boost in order to take home the win. Of course, you have to consider bluffing, but it is safe to say that most players do not bluff that frequently. Most pots are won by the best of hands in a limit hold’em. First step of the dance is to have a good hand pre-flop. You will get two cards and you will be hoping that they can become the best hand among the others on the table. To add to the 3 made hands before the flop, you can rely on premium hands like A-K or A-Q or perhaps suited K-Q and A-J. You can add to the list medium pairs like 8-8 or J-J. The odds of connecting when the flop is revealed are actually lower so it will be a wise move to play inexpensively at first. Remember the first step of the dance to rake in the chip is to kick things off with hole cards which have a good chance of ending up as the best hand. Next step is for your starting hands to connect with the cards on the flop. You don’t make it on the flop. Think hard and consider all factors before making any move. It is also wise to consider folding or not playing your hand if it just doesn’t make anything out of the flop. This is assuming that you do not plan to bluff, of course. These two steps will make sure that you dance away off the table with the chips in your pocket. Remember, if step two does not give you the best cards, you must see if it is still worth it to invest or step back and wait for the next opportunity.



How to Play Heads Up Poker Hands

Heads up poker is played between players. It might be played during a larger cash session, or where the game is breaking up and two remain on the table. Obviously, we understand these are not the only hands you’ll be playing in heads-up poker, BUT, these are some of the hands you’ll lose or win most of your big pots with. On this page, well mainly discuss how to maximize your profit with them, and how to minimize your losses when you are to lose a big pot.

Pocket Aces

First of all: breathe! You’ve got Aces, but that doesn’t mean you’re sure to win a big pot. In Heads-Up, Aces are a hand you’ll hardly ever lay down — so you want to setting pot limits in poker your decisions.


In position, if you’ve been raising a lot from the button — raise. Limp-reraising or limp-calling is an option — but when you limp-reraise you’ll literally be tipping off your hand – and limp-calling obviously works great if your opponent raises, but if he checks behind you the pot is so small your opponent might not even be interested in playing the pot. Only limp-call when your opponent raises A LOT out of position. If you raise and get re-raised: Texas Holdem. You’re in position,and your opponent will almost always fire a continuation bet. Sometimes, enough to get him pot-committed. Out of position – you have two options. If your opponent limps in, I suggest you raise 95% of the time. Many opponents limp-call, and this puts some money in the pot. If your opponent raises, you can re-raise or smoothcall. In heads-up play, I like the call or the reasonably large re-raise. If you just call, you give your opponent control of the pot, and you can check-raise the flop easily. If you re-raise big, you’ve managed to get a lot of money into the pot before the flop when your oppent calls. Mix these two strategies up to disquise Texas Holdem your hand strength!

On the flop, turn & river

Try to get the money in on the flop, whatever the board is. There is no bad flop for aces in heads-up Sit & Go Tournaments. If you’ve managed to get some money in the pot before the flop, play your hand strong. You CAN trap, but if your opponent has a piece of the flop, THIS is the time to get the money in.

Pocket Kings

Play your hand as if you were holding Pocket Aces (read up here). You’re never folding this hand, so you can’t ever think about the possibility of your opponent holding American Airlines. Your hand is the nuts, and you WANT the money in the pot faster rather than later. On the flop, turn and river We all hate the dreaded ace on the flop when holding pocket kings, but heads-up, a little less caution is in order. Yes, you may have to fold your hand, but trying to keep the pot SMALL rather than having to lay down the hand IF an ace would fall is a much more desirable strategy. If an ace does not fall, play your hand as if you’re holding aces. You want the money in on the flop!

Ace King

Pre-Flop Let’s get one thing out of the way: you want to get all the money in pre-flop with this hand if possible. Your opponent might have a pair and be a slight favorite, he might have Pocket Aces or Pocket Kings and have you in extremely bad shape – you can’t care… You cannot care. Your hand is the nuts in your head — and you want to play it fast. Slowplaying your Aces or Kings gives you a lot of options to trap — trapping with Ace King in a heads-up No Limit Hold’em Sit & Go is tough, because ANY hand is in reasonable shape against your hand. If you smoothcall a raise out of position with AK and the flop comes J82 — you’re out of position against any two cards as your opponent could have raised you with close to anything pre-flop. You can’t just lay down AK – but you don’t know where you’re at. That’s why we re-raise pre-flop and hope to get the jokers out, get the AQ’s and AJ’s to push their hand against you… Post-Flop If you failed to make the pot big pre-flop: don’t go crazy. If you re-raised pre-flop and pair up – go crazy. AK plays easy post-flop — no need to trap, if your opponent made a pair too – you’re in great shape to have him or her dominated… Play big slick fast – it’s a monster! Check out Heads Up Poker Tournament Strategy for more.